Augustus Mottin De La BALM

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Died: Nov 3, 1780

Burial Site:

Service: Served as colonel in the French army, came to this country with Marquise de la Fayette and served with him in the service of the State of Virginia. Went with George Rogers CLARK to Post St. Vincennes. In 1780 he organized a company of 400 men from Vincennes to go north in an effort to take Ft. Detroit from the British. In command of an advance company of 80 men, he stopped at Kaskaska, also known as Post Miami, at modern day Fort Wayne. They destroyed the store house of Baubine on Nov 3, 1780 and waited for reinforcements. Receiving word that Miami hunters were returning, they departed and camped on the banks of the ABUTE (Aboite) River, and were ambushed in the night by Miami Indians led by Little TURTLE, and was killed.

Proof: Drapers MSS 50-J-77
Wisconsin Historical Society
Original Letter of LaGRAS reporting the massacre
History of Allen County, Indiana




Information collected by Mrs T J HINDMAN, Ft Wayne, Indiana

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