Johnson County Patriots

The DAR erected a stone monument to Revolutionary Patriots in Greenlawn Cemetery, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana.

Patriots buried in Johnson County
  • David Adams
  • Ambrose Armstrong
  • John Perry Barnett
  • Nathaniel Bell
  • James Carr
  • Barthlomew Carroll
  • Joshua Davidson
  • John Hall
  • John Hamner, Sr
  • Abner Hanks
  • Hiram Harney
  • Jeremiah Harrell
  • Joshua Harris
  • John Isreal
  • Samuel Jacobs
  • George Kephart
  • James Kerr
  • Abraham LeMasters
  • John McClintock
  • William McCool
  • Samuel Nay
  • James Parr
  • John Parr
  • Mathias Parr
  • William Pitcher
  • John Poe
  • John Rutherford
  • Michael Selch
  • Thomas Smith
  • John Steel
  • James Thompson

  • Greenlawn is a large cemetery, and the stone can be hard to find. Here are three views of the stone:

    This is the view facing West, toward Hwy 31.

    This is the view facing East, towards the main entrance and Young's Creek.
    Notice the mausoleum in the background on the right. You'll pass this if you take the main entrance.

    This is the view facing North, towards Young's Creek. South Street is in the opposite direction. Hwy 31 is to the left.
    Notice the chapel and the maintainence building. If you can find those two buildings, just head South to find the stone.
    A Veteran's Cemetery is North of the chapel.

    Directions: Greenlawn Cemetery
    Greenlawn Cemetery is on US Hwy 31, South of Hwy 44, in Franklin, IN.
    There are three entrance gates. To get to the main entrance, turn East onto South Street from Hwy 31. Continue all the way to the end of the cemetery. The main gate is at Jackson St, across from Franklin Monument Company. It is well lit and well cared for, hard to miss.

    If you enter the side entrance from South St, continue North until you come to a large obelisk (similar to the Washington Monument). Turn left and the stone will be directly in front of you. (The chapel will be to your right after you turn.)

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