Born: about 1757, England

Died: about 1835

Burial Site: Probably buried in either Jackson or Morgan Townships, Owens County, Indiana according to an affidavit of a son, Zacheria. Soldier died in son's home.

Service: About 6 months service with Capt WILLIAMS Company 1776 at the burnning of Norfolk, Virgina
Four months in Capt RAIFORD'S Company, Battle of Camden, SC August 1780

Proof: BLW 52778=160-55

Married: (1st) Patsy STEVENS, in 1778 in Johnson Co, NC

Zacheria: Born 1789 Died 1861
Winnie: married MArch 2, 1800 to Jacob BEAMAN
Betsy: married April 5, 1779
Sally: married July 31, 1811 TO Samuel BEAMAN

Married: (2nd) Catherine BEAMAN, in 1815

Possibly other children by second marriage

Information collected by Roger A PETERSON of Anderson, Indiana

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