Revolutionary War Patriot: Samuel Newell, Capt in Virginia
buried in Owen County, Indiana
some of his descendants are below:

Samuel Newell - married Jane MONTGOMERY

This is the lineage of the son John M Newell that married Margaret "Peggy" Beaty
William Newell born 1826 married Jane K Goggin
WM & Jane's child was David M Newell - born 1852, who married Allice V Owens in 1875 she was born 1853
David & Allice's child was Oscar William Newell born 1882 - died in 1835 - Oscar married Lula Etta Gibbins and their son was Eugene Paul Newell
Eugene Paul Newell married Alma Estelle Newkirk , their child was Ronald Keith Newell
Ronald Keith Newell Married at least twice once to Mildred Evelyn Snellbaker and to Joan Stephanie Nortridge, they had a child named Rebecca Sue Newell

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