Old French Cemetery / Old Cathedral Cemetery / St Xavier Cemetery
2nd Street and Hwy 441 (Bus. 50) in Vincennes, Indiana

The Old French Cathedral and Cemetery are adjacent to the George Rogers Clark National Historic Park; the site of Fort Sackville in Vincennes, Indiana.

The Old Cathedral
"French and Indian" Cemetery

Contains the graves (mostly unmarked) of some 4,000 inhabitants of early Vincennes, including soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution who helped Colonel George Rogers Clark to capture the nearby Fort Sackville in 1779. The cemetery marks the site of the log church where the people of Vincennes swore an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Virginia and the United States on July 20, 1778. During the siege of Fort Sackville (February 23-24, 1779), Clark's men took up positions at the church and cemetery. It was at the church that Colonel Clark and the British commander, Lieutenant Governon Henry Hamilton, negotiated terms of surrender on February 24. The surrender of Fort Sackville occurred the next day, February 25, 1779. As a result, Hamilton's plan to crush the Revolution in the West was checked and a basis was laid for the United States to later claim the area northwest of the Ohio River, from which were eventually formed the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota.
The Old Cathedral and Cemetery are located in the Vincennes Historic District, which was placed on the National Register of Historical Places on December 31, 1974.


The following American Patriots have markers in this cemetery:
  • Major Joesph Bowman
  • Capt. Francois Riday Busseron
  • Capt. Nicholas Cardinal
  • Joseph Dubois
  • Capt. Louis Victor Edeline
  • Pierre Grimard
  • Andre La Coste Dit Languedoc
  • Col. Jean Marie Philippe LeGras
  • Pierre LeVry dit Martin
  • François Pelletier

  • The following is a list of patriots believed to be buried in the Old French Cemetery:
    The source of this list is unknown

    Nicholas Bailliargon
    Francois Barrios
    Francois Bazinet
    Dominique Bergan
    Charles Bonneau/Bono/Baunaux
    Pierre Boneaux
    Entoine (Antonio Bordeleau
    Louis Boyer
    Michel Brouillette
    Francois Riday Busseron
    Michael Campeaux
    Jacques Cardinal
    Nicholas Cardinal
    Joseph Cartier
    Pierre Cartier
    Antonie Caty/Catis
    Nicholas Chappard
    Pierre Cornoyer
    Antonie Danis/Denis
    Pierre Cuerre
    Honore Danis/Denis
    Jacquw Danis/Denis
    Guillaume Daperen
    Amable De Lisle
    Charles De Lisle
    Baptiste Des Lorier
    Pierre Debeau/Daignaux
    Jean Louis Denoyon
    Joseph Descoteaux
    Jean Baptiste Renault Dit Desloriers
    Louis Renault Dit Desloriers
    Amable Garrieprie
    Jean Baptiste Dubois
    Joseph Dubois
    Joseph Ducharmes
    Charles Dit La Chine Dudevoir
    Antoine Dugal
    Ambrose Dumais
    Louis Victoe Edeline/Deline
    Pierre Gamelin
    Francois Godere
    Louis Godere
    Louis Godere/Coder
    Pierre Godere
    Rene Godere
    Toussaint Godere
    Pierre Grimard
    Charles Guiele/Guaile/Diel
    Jean Baptiste Poitevin Dit Harpin
    Moses Henry
    Jacque Lacroix
    Pierre Forest
    Jean Baptiste La Garde
    Francois La Coste Dit Languedoc
    Charles La Coste Dit Languedoc
    Jacques Millet Dit Latrimouille
    Jean Baptist Dit Joyal Lefreniere
    Rene Legaux/Legaur
    Gabriel Christopher Le Grand
    Jean Marie Philippe LeGras
    Joseph (Dit Metayer) Leveron
    Louis (Dit Metayer) Leveron
    Francois Mallet
    Louis Mallet
    Pierre Levry Dit Martin
    Michael Neau
    Guillaume Pages
    Nicholas Perrot
    Andre Pelletier
    Francois Pelletier
    Etienne Philliber
    Francois St Marie Racine
    Jean Baptiste Ste Marie Racine
    Joseph Raux/Reirux
    Joseph Antonie Drouet De Richardville
    Charles Louis Oliver Santier/Juatier
    Alexis Segun Dit Laderoute
    William Shannon
    Joseph Dit LaViollette Tougas
    Jean Baptiste Dit LaViolette Tougas
    Francois Dit Lamarande Turpin
    Frncois Dit St Antoine/Antoyne Vachet
    Jean Baptiste Vaundry Sr
    Jean Baptiste Vaundry Jr
    Charles Pierre Villeneuve

    Photo taken by John G. West, Ohio Valley Chapter SAR, in 2006.

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